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  • Published by The City Manager “e-governance approaches in Panruti Municipality

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Mr.Sethu Shankar who worked day and night with the chairman to design and develop the software for a period of 2 years.He is the only person who wrote all programing.

Technology Overview

Proactive steps for e-Governance implementation and Registers maintained in the information centre :

  • House tax application register

  • House tax name transfer application register

  • House tax annual rental value application register.

  • House tax monthly list abstract register.

  • Birth certificate register.

  • Death certificate register.

  • Public health complaint register.

  • Water connection application register.

  • Water connection name transfer application register.

  • Street light complaint register.

  • Complaints over phone and cell phone register.

  • Water supply complaint register.

  • Building permission application register.

  • Land survey application register

  • F.M.B sketch application register.

  • Patta name transfer application register.

  • Deposit amount refund application register

After studying all the service requirements of the municipalty,I took steps to computerize all. We decide to have databases to match all Registers mentioned above. After two years ground work and software development work, we are able to set a stage for computerized office environment,first time in India that too in our Panruti Municipality.

The sytem architecture can be be best described as follows:


General Section: Preparation of pay bills

Revenue Section : Demand Notice, Collection entries etc..

Public Health : Issuing of D&O / P.F.A Licenses etc...

Town Planning : Building Plan / Planning permission approval , UAC notices, encroachment notice etc..

Engineering : Tender notices, Work Order Imposing penalty, Bill , etc

Accounts Section : All remittances ,Chitta, etc...

Information Center

Dual monitors provided in the information centre. The information's are in English and in local language, so as to enable the people to verify the Birth/ Death Certificates, tax /fees remittance details etc...